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Introduction with SIT Group

We are a family committed to provide education to every single child who deserve all the facility to fulfill their dreams. From the inception of this thought we have grown vary rapidly from a single institute to a group of institutes . Our goal is to provide education at the very minimal cost that can spread smile on the face of students.

SIT Public School

SIT Public School(C.B.S.E.) Affiliation No. 1030944

The mission of the school is to provide the right inputs to lead the holistic development of the child . SIT is a progressive community that values respect, diversity and the pursuit of excellence. Students develop a global perspective through an interconnected and inclusive curriculum designed to facilitate critical thinking, problem-solving and articulation of thought. Our mission is to identify hidden talents among each student and boost their moral to achieve excellence and quality enhancement in their entire life. We create situation so that students may take out their in-built hidden talents. Our mission is to strive with the concept of each one teach one principle to take care specific child with positive approach towards the real education.

SIT College of Education

SIT College of Education(Affiliated by NCTE)

The college is established in 2014, If you plan to become a teacher, special educator, administrator, human service provider, or clinician you will find a diverse array of learning, social/cultural, professional, and practice communities in the College of Education. These communities and your fellow students will provide you a supportive climate and a culture of belonging where you are respected and affirmed. In addition to our academic programs, the UO College of Education includes an alliance of nationally prominent centers, institutes, and affiliated research and outreach units working to fulfill our mission: Making Educational and Social Systems Work for All.

The ASSS-NSDC Partner

The ASSS-NSDC Partner – Skilling Indian Populace

India is currently at a strategic advantage due to the demographic dividend now being credited to the nation. We are comparatively younger to the major countries of this world. We are not able to reap the benefits of this dividend as major of our population is not skilled. WEFs 2011 Global Talent Risk Report has cautioned us that India and other countries will face huge skill gaps due to low employability skills of the populace. With an eye upon this report, Indian Government has set forth a process of training 5 crore people by 2022 out of which NSDC National Skill Development Corporation has been handed out a task of training and skilling 1.5 crore people.

SIT Vidyapeeth

SIT Vidyapeeth(Affiliated by NCTE )

SIT Vidyapeeth Is established in 2018. Vidyapeeth is the core program at Literacy India (LI) which bridges this gap, and aims at making quality education available and affordable to the underprivileged lot. The beneficiaries of Vidyapeeth come from the lowest economic and social strata of the society, and many of them are first generation learners.

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